Handgun Safety Course

Welcome to the online NW Survival LLC handgun safety training program presented by our certified NRA instructor. NW Survival LLC supports your statutory right to apply for a concealed handgun license. And we believe that NRA certified instructors are the best suited for this training. Furthermore, we support the constitutional right of all law abiding citizens to bear arms as long as it is done so in a safe, lawful and responsible manner.

Completion of this handgun safety course satisfies the minimum Oregon educational requirement for handgun safety training to obtain your concealed handgun license.   In ORS 166.291, you will find the complete criteria you must meet to obtain your concealed handgun license. We strongly urge all handgun owners to commit to continuing their education beyond the minimum required to secure your CHL. Please see our Instruction page for additional NRA courses to help you gain the necessary skills and disciplines to become proficient with your handgun and carry it in a safe and confident manner.

During this handgun safety course you will learn:

1. What requirements must be met to obtain your concealed handgun license.Handgun safety
2. Where Oregon law does and does not allow you to carry a firearm as a CHL (concealed handgun license) holder.
3. Oregon use of force laws pertaining to you as a CHL holder.
4. Liabilities, both criminal and civil associated with owning a firearm.
5. The guiding principals of responsible handgun ownership, safety and storage.
Throughout this course you will find links to more information. For example, an Oregon statute may be briefly explained in the presentation, but to read the Oregon statute in its entirety you will need to click on the available link.

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